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Creative Pencil a boutique creative agency specialising in video marketing using 2D and Stop-Motion animation techniques. Our mission is to promote and showcase brands, products, services and ideas in creative and memorable ways. We work with a range of entrepreneurs from lawyers, accountants and real estate agents to fashion designers, authors and nutritionists. Our services include: ILLUSTRATION We can create customs illustrations for print, social media, email marketing or your website. Here are some ideas on how to use custom illustrations to promote your business: E-books PDFs Infographics Picture Books GIFS Gifs are bite-sized video clips that can help promote your brand in 15 frames or less. Use Gifs to share a new product, an event or to communicate an idea your audience via Instagram or Facebook. You can even embed them into your email marketing content or on your website. 2D ANIMATION We love using cell animation and motion graphics (sometimes together!). 2D cell animation is a traditional animation technique where each frame is hand-drawn (think of the old Disney cartoons). We love the bespoke nature of this technique as it gives it gives each of our videos a unique personality. Motion graphics refers to the merger of typography, images, audio and video content to communicate a message to your audience. STOP MOTION Stop Motion is an animation technique where we manipulate objects to look like they are moving by themselves. By merging traditional stop motion with motion graphics, we can make your products and services come to life. LEGAL MARKETING We create fun, informative marketing materials & educational resources for law firms, legal solo-preneurs, schools and influencers. Contact us to find out more and discuss your project.

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