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Meet Our Member: Melissa Boyle, Stylist

25 October, 2017

Sydney stylist, Melissa Boyle started her career at men's magazine GQ and went on to work for some of Australia... (more)

Meet Our Member: Chris McCallum of Northern Exposure

06 October, 2017

Chris McCallum of video production team Northern Exposure has been working in sound, video and content creation since he was 16 and is passionate ab... (more)

Meet Our Member: Avanti from Creative Pencil

16 September, 2017

When we first saw the work of illustrator, animator and video producer, Avanti Deshpande of Creative Pencil, we were blown away. Avanti has a skill at bringing things to life i... (more)

Meet Our Member: Copywriter Emma McMillan

14 August, 2017

You just need to follow along with Melbourne copywriter Emma McMillan's Instagram or ... (more)

Meet Our Member: Stylist Lyndel Miller

31 July, 2017

You only have to flick through a couple of Lyndel Miller's images to see she has an eye for detail and a natural sense of style tha... (more)

Meet Our Member: Elana Hocking, Illustrator And Stylist

17 July, 2017

When it comes to creativity, Elana Hocking is one of those people who can make almost anything look interesting. She spent most of her professional life as a stylist for magazines and s... (more)

Meet Our Member: Amanda Vanelderen of WorkWords

25 June, 2017

We already love Amanda Vanelderen of WorkWords. From the moment she signed up to Content Makers ... (more)