You only have to flick through a couple of Lyndel Miller's images to see she has an eye for detail and a natural sense of style that most people dream of. Brisbane-based Lyndel has a very broad skill set that is valuable to businesses big and small. Not only can she beautifully style food, interiors, product and lifestyle shoots but she also works as a brand consultant, creative director and copywriter. Check out Lyndel's work on her Content Makers Profile, and read below to get to know her.

How many people in your office? 2-8

Tell us how your business came about/how you came to do this kind of work? My kids were off to school and I was left twirling my thumbs. I bore easily. I started to explore my options given my varied background in sales, marketing, food, hospitality, cookery, interior design and natural medicine. Not so strange, styling seemed a very viable career move. I made the decision to commit a year to its success. It happened very quickly. This still fascinates me. Meant to be, right place, right time, all that. The planets aligned.



What do you love most about working in this space? It’s the opportunity to truly express and explore my creative urges, execute ideas, work with other creatives, problem solve and help brands and individuals shine.

If you had to describe your business in one word, what would it be? Inimitable. Someone described me as this once. It was the most wonderful compliment and I like to think it's true. I am constantly thriving to be better. 



Who is your main clientele? My clientele varies from small to high-end commercial business.

What memorable projects have you worked on?  A few. I love working with clients that give me full creative licence. The results are always so rewarding. Working with Academy Award Winning Production Designer and Set Designer Juzzy Dunn this year was a highlight on the soon to be released Australian Feature Film 'Flammable Children', with Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce. Then there was ‘Jungle’ with the very amicable and talented Daniel Radcliffe. I loved Harry Potter! Another QLD Production. The crews here are outstanding, modest, unassuming and mind blowing talent. It was wonderful to play a part, even if minuscule.



A typical work day for you is? A dance with sunrise, strategic car packing, coffee in hand (always on work days, and one only), standing on my feet for up an average of 12 hours, creating. I love every minute of it.

How would you describe your business style? Collaborative. 

Do you have a point of difference in the market? What is it? I am a multidisciplinary stylist, which means I am very versatile as I work in many and varied realms. There aren’t many of us around. 

Are there any common mistakes you see businesses make that drive you crazy? Nothing drives me crazy but I see more businesses choosing quantity over quality, making poor marketing choices that don’t reflect their ethos and speak clearly to their audience. I think this is a shame. It is always mandatory to use professionals if you want to look like one.



What is the most common piece of advice you give to clients? Ask yourself how you want to be perceived. Don’t compromise on quality. It shows in the work and reflects.

What trends do you think will be big in the year ahead in styling? More totem style in art, design and photography, exploring cultural signs and languages through symbolisation.

More exploration in the combined fields of biology and the engineering of luxury materials. A futuristic feel that mimics nature.

Attention seeking, bold and spirited embellishment. New takes on traditional ethnic patterns, shapes and colour with specifically African references.

A rebellion against mass consumerism and show off attitude of the Less is More mindset. Quality over Quantity. Raw natural materials paired with luxurious finishes.

A longing to express one's individuality as we long to be heard and understood.




Favourite hashtag? #havetweezerswilltravel

Favourite magazine? Mmm. That's hard, I am always exploring magazines but I always go back to Elle Decoration UK, The Collective Renegade and Dumbo Feather.

Favourite TV show? I have favourite series - Love My Way, Mad Men, Chefs Table and Grand Designs. 

Favourite book? The Artists Way by Julia Cameron (changed my life).

Favourite word? Love.

Accounts you are most likely to get lost scrolling in Instagram? @c_l_o, @adesignersmind and lately @socaposhi, @tree_magic, and @hm_home.

Posts you are most likely to share on Facebook? I’m still resisting Facebook. I’m never on there.

Coffee or tea? Tea though I love the culture and smell of coffee more.

Cats or dogs? Dogs, big dogs...

Sweet or savoury? Savoury, which might surprise some.

Favourite emoji? 


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