When we first saw the work of illustrator, animator and video producer, Avanti Deshpande of Creative Pencil, we were blown away. Avanti has a skill at bringing things to life in a fun and engaging way. Even if the topic is exceptionally boring, her videos make it interesting and that is one awesome skill to have! Check out Avanti's work on Content Makers Directory. We're so happy to have her on board.

How many people in your office? 1-3

Tell us how your business came about/how you came to do this kind of work? I was a lawyer, who started studying for the California Bar Exam (an exam to get admitted to practice law in California). While I was studying, I started drawing out my notes to help me remember them. I realised I loved drawing and character design so much that I wanted to do this full-time, so decided to start a freelance illustration business, which eventually turned into a creative services and branding studio.

What do you love most about working in this space? The creative control, being able to bring products, services and brands to life through animation. 

If you had to describe your business in one word, what would it be? Whimsical. 


Content Makers - Creative Pencil Avanti Desh


Who is your main clientele? Entrepreneurs / solopreneurs / small businesses. 

What memorable projects have you worked on?  Promo video for Creative Pencil! (see below)


Creative Pencil Studio from Creative Pencil on Vimeo.


A typical work day for you is? 

7am: Wake up - head out to my balcony and do some yoga/stretch for an 30 min to an hour.

8am: Make coffee + breakfast and start sketching or read a book while I drink my coffee (I try to avoid getting on the computer first thing in the morning but sometimes end up replying to emails).

9:30am: Finish up coffee/breakfast and head into my home office/studio and work until lunchtime. 

1pm: Have lunch, run some errands.

2pm Work until 6:30.

6:30pm Go for a run or a hike.

7pm-9pm Prep dinner, have dinner with my husband, watch TV.

9pm: Work/wrap up projects until 11:30ish (usually on personal projects - no client work). 

11:30ish Hit the hay - read (if I’m not too conked out).

How would you describe your business style? Mixed media, quirky, whimsical, nostalgic, bright, cheery. 

Do you have a point of difference in the market? What is it? I like to use 2D and 3D space by merging stop motion + 2D animation techniques in my video production.

Are there any common mistakes you see businesses make that drive you crazy? Mmm not so much ‘mistakes’s but I do get really frustrated when I see business that make apps that can make animated videos for you using stock images - I feel like they jeopardized the integrity of the animation process. 

What is the most common piece of advice you give to clients? The script or narrative of your video is the real hero. Without that, you just have objects moving around the screen. 

What trends do you think will be big in the year ahead in copywriting? Stop motion is huge right now. I think 3D will probably be something that will become mainstream very soon too. 


Content Makers - Creative Pencil Avanti Desh


Favourite hashtag? #startuplife

Favourite blog? Design Love Fest

Favourite magazine? Frankie.

Favourite TV show? Ahh way too hard, but I can watch Seinfeld, Fraiser and Sex and the City all day everyday! 

Favourite book? The Help.

Favourite word? Anthropomorphic.

Accounts you are most likely to get lost scrolling in Instagram? Urban Jungle, Brit + Co, Design Love Fest 

Posts you are most likely to share on Facebook? Any posts about puppies.

Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon.

Cats or dogs? 100% Dogs..or cats that act like dogs. 

Sweet or savoury? Both - at the same time, one bite of each to balance the flavours! 

Favourite emoji? 


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