5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Stylist

Want beautiful imagery that will drive people to your product? You need to invest in the right people, says professional stylist Rosie McKay of See.Need.Want

If there's one thing I understand as a small business owner myself is that budgets are tight and a little has to go a long way. However, the lesson experience has taught me, is that it's imperative that you invest in the right people to get the best results.

For instance, I would never attempt to do my own tax, that is just not my forte, nor would I attempt to photograph a photo shoot or do the model's hair and makeup. Of course, I can use a camera to take a great picture and wield a brush to create an excellent smokey eye, but having the ability to do something and being an expert on the subject are two different things. 

Same goes for styling, just knowing how to put together an outfit doesn't make you a stylist (sorry!).

Here are five very good reasons you need to hire a professional stylist for your next shoot.


1. A Stylist Brings A Different Vision

Keeping abreast of fashion comes part and parcel of the job, so a stylist is constantly consuming images and information on emerging trends for the runway and the street. They will be able to bring this inspiration to the table and work elements into the look and feel or your campaign, lookbook or social media content to ensure it's fresh and sends a strong fashion-forward message that embodies your brand.

2. Expert Attention To Detail

If you want to sell fashion, especially in an e-commerce space, then pieces have to look well-fit and well-styled. There should be no creases in the fabric, they need to fit the model's body perfectly, which often takes some expert pinning and clipping, and also styled in a way that is desirable and in line with current fashion influences, ie. a half-tuck on a shirt, a well-tied bow etc 

3. They Have Innate Know-How

Bringing a styling vision to life has many moving parts. When you're dealing with clothing, the accessories and shoes are key to bringing the entire look to life. When you're dealing with accessories, shoes or leather goods, the clothing needs to complement as well as allow the product to shine. Knowing how to style in a way that strikes the balance of producing imagery that is aspirational and commercially viable takes skill and experience.


4. It Leaves You Free To Focus On Your Area Of Expertise

I had a bridal designer engage me recently to book me into style her next campaign. She admitted that to date she has always done it herself, but as the designer of the collection, that needs to be her main priority. By choosing to bring on a professional stylist for her next campaign shoot, she can invest her valuable time and energy on ensuring the collection is cohesive and finished well. It also frees her up at the photo shoot, she can watch the stylist bring the whole story to life, instead of running around frenzied trying to do it all.


5. Industry Contacts

Organising a photo shoot relies on many different people - having someone on board who has good relationships with other industry contacts you might need in the process of organising the shoot is invaluable. It saves lots of time and, in many instances, money as they have the relationships in place to be able to organise contra arrangements for wardrobe and props needed for styling. 


Rosie McKay is a stylist and lifestyle content creator for small businesses.. She has worked for some of Australia's leading magazines and styled some of Australia's most popular celebrities. Rosie also publishes the popular lifestyle website See.Need.Want. You can follow Rosie on Instagram and Facebook.

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05 Oct 2017

By Rosie McKay

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